Saturday, September 22, 2007


There are many shape cutting machines in the field with either optical guidance systems, or worn out cnc controls. While the physical machines have many years of life left, they cannot be effectively used without spending many thousands of dollars for a factory retro-fit, if indeed a cnc upgrade is available. At least that's the way it used to be --

Most cnc control systems use expensive low production electronics and software that is sold through multi-level distribution systems. The limited numbers of these systems that are built drive the cost sky-high, while the middlemen elevate prices still higher to make room for commissions.

Torchmate has kept prices down by using mass produced components and software, and making it all work together. We also sell direct to the end user over the Internet. We provide all necessary technical support and a one year full warranty against manufacturing defects.

Times have changed! It is no longer necessary for a company to have distributors geographically near its customer base. The vast majority of customers can be reached directly now, without the need for costly dealer markups or advertising. Most industrial manufacturers have been slow to grasp this.

We use electronics that interface with your IBM-compatible personal computer, eliminating the need for costly custom-made computer circuitry. Used computers are a glut on the market, and can be found in most locations for under $100. We can also provide laptop and desktop computers with our software pre-installed and configured.

We also experimented with many different popular CAD and drawing programs until we came up with a software combination that does virtually everything needed for cnc shape cutting. This software is included in our retrofit kits. Simply mount the motors on your machine with a proper reduction, and start producing shapes.

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