Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mount-O-Matic TableTop 600 MkII

A flexographic plate mounting machine for mounting flexographic plates in the narrow web industry.An effective and easy-to-use system to mount flexible photopolymer printing plates extremely accurately, direct in register on the plate cylinder.The system is based on two co-ordinates (register-marks_ that have been applied on the printing plate perpendicular to the making direction. The plate cylinder is placed and fixed onto on adjustable and one fixed cylinder support bracket.The Mount-O-Matic Table Top is provided with two cameras and a split-screen monitor. Standard enlargement of the system is approximately 8 times by means of the zoom lens.The two sideways moveable cameras, mounted on a rail above the cylinder, register half an image on the monitor. That means that the left camera shows half of the left registermark and the right camera shows half of the right registermark. When the cameras are placed in the correct mounting position, the two halves will be visual as one complete registermark. This means that, by moving the flexible photopolymer printing plate into the correct position, they will be mounted precisely perpendicular. IN this position the cameras are fixed so that the 2nd, 3rd etc. plate cylinders are mounted in exactly the same way.The Tabletop 600 MkII is a very solid, stable and universal mounting system that can also be equipped for printing cylinders without shaft and / or for sleeve cylinders.Alterations to design, construction and dimensions can be made.Factsheet:Min. cylinder length: 215 mm (8”)Max. cylinder length: 610 mm (24”)Max. cylinder unwind: 610 mm (24”)L x W x H: 920x620x970 mm (36.2x24.4x38.2Electrical connection: 230 V ± 5%, Single Phase 50/60 Hz, 300 VA / 2 Amp or according to specificationsNet. Weight: 100 kg (220 lbs)

Water Washable Flexo Photoplymer Machine

The Aquasuper Standard is a complete photopolymer machine to manufacture water washable flexo printing plates With the Aquasuper you can make a perfect flexo printing plate in a very short time. In the automatic washout unit of the Aquasuper, photopolymer material with different thicknesses can be washed out very well. The plate to be washed out is fixed in the orbital washout unit on a sticky baseplate. The plate is washed out in a mixture of water with 1% soap, at a temperature of approximately 40° C.The units, made of stainless steel, consist of:- combined exposure unit/hot-air dryer/Anti-Tacker- exposure unit with high-output U.V. lamps for very short exposure times and a vacuum table- a hot-air dryer with 3 shelves and compute controlled temperature;- the light finisher (Anti-Tacker) is integrated- washout unit with orbital washout movement, temperature control and adjustable brush.The machine is equipped with a PLC, which has a digital display for:- back-exposure- main exposure- washout time- dryer temperature- anti-tackingThe computer is operated by touch control. There is a separate timer for back exposure.Factsheet:W x D x H: 995 x 750 x 970 mm ( 39Electric connection: 400 v, 3 phase, 50hz, 16 amp other voltages on requestweight aprox.: 300 kg

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